Ahwatukee Recreation Center
 ~ a 55 years and older Homowner's Association ~ 
A Member's Only Club

5001 E Cheyenne Drive
Phoenix, AZ  85044
Phone:  480-893-2549

Hours of Operation
Monday - Saturday 6:30 AM to 9PM
Sunday 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Our Mission is to develop well-maintained facilities 

and offer contemporary activities appealing to the social, recreational, educational, 

health and fitness interests of its community members.

Our goal is to provide recreation and socialization for the members

who have spent their working lives raising families and earning a living.

Retirement is an exciting active time to experience and learn hobbies

and enjoy activities for which we previously had little time.

Come join the fun!

Children's Pool Hours:
Outdoor Pool ---summer hours (beginning April 7th):
Daily 11 AM-1 PM & 4 PM-6 PM
Except on Friday: 11 AM-1 PM and 4 PM-5 PM
Indoor Pool--- winter hours:
Daily 11 AM-Noon & 4 PM-6 PM
*In the summer, once the heaters have been turned on for the outdoor pool; children are prohibited from using the indoor pool.
*According to ARC Rules and Regulations, children may only use the restrooms in the facility but "are restricted,
 to usage of the toilet facilities and are NOT allowed in the dressing areas of the locker rooms."
*All children must be supervised by an adult when at the ARC facility.
*Always watch children around water.



To acquire information on how to obtain a social membership; call the ARC at (480) 893-2549.

 The ARC is the perfect place to host your next party, event, or reception.  
The ARC Main Hall features an expansive, wooden dance floor and stage.
Contact the Activities Department at (480) 893-2549 for additional information 
on renting the Main Hall for your next event.

Click here to view pictures of the Main Hall.


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