Gift Shoppe

ARC Gift Shoppe

If you are an artist or artisan, we invite you to consign your work!

 If you are looking for unique handcrafted items, we invite you to shop!

  If you would like to work in the Shoppe, we invite you to volunteer!

Located off the ARC lobby is a treasure trove stocked with an amazing abundance of arts and crafts.
Step inside and you will find art gallery items selling at art outlet prices.

 All consigned items are made by one of the 100+ “elder craftsmen”
who are active members of the ARC.

 The Shoppe is managed and staffed by a cheerful and dedicated cadre of volunteers,
most of whom do not consign items in the Shoppe.

The Artist and Artisans Shoppe is a vital part of the ARC.
It provides a showcase and retail outlet for the work of ARC members, which in turn:

  • Promotes the practice of arts and crafts by providing income for the purchase of additional materials.
  • Stimulates membership in various ARC hobby clubs.
  • Gives back to the ARC by donating a percentage of Shoppe sales to various ARC hobby clubs.




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